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Thema: New Portal: http://www.microscopy-news.com

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BeitragVerfasst am: 06.09.2009, 06:38
   Titel: New Portal: http://www.microscopy-news.com

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New Portal for Press and Products: http://www.microscopy-news.com

MaxTEC, Branson , MO 65616 . Press Release, Monday, 21th of August 2009

MaxTEC is a US based company. Its’ home is Branson , MO 65616 .

Today MaxTEC proudly releases the new product and press portal for all aspects of microscopy. http://www.Microscopy-News.com is the new leading edge portal for the microscopist. This site will cater for all product launches, new developments and trends in microscopy as well as announcing events and job opportunities.

http://www.Microscopy-News.com addresses all fields of microscopy, both life sciences and materials research.

Sponsoring from market leaders and other notable microscope manufacturers already support this new internet portal.

Inquiries from dealers and retailers specialised in microscopy are most welcome here as well.

Please send your product information and press releases intended for publication through http://www.Microscopy-News.com, as well as all other inquiries and communications to: info@microscopy-news.com. We will contact you quickly. Your request will be treated with great care.

Microscopy-News explicit concentration on the microscopy sector is setting the trend. Your advertising success is facilitated by the expansive dissemination possibilities and by a fair and flexible pricing system.

We will also be happy to provide further information about the possibility to launch your own banner ad on http://www.Microscopy-News.com. You can book up to 6 banners (3x full size 720 x 180 pixel and 3x medium size 380 x 150 pixel) for your marketing.

Please note, that we already offer a well established web page of identical content in German language under http://www.mikro-news.de

200 Barnes Lane
Branson, MO 65616
Email: info@microscopy-news.com

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